We are committed to providing the best joint relief supplement for your pets and working animals, which is why we have invested so much into the research of the ingredients that go into Hubrihound, as well as research to prove the effectiveness of the product itself. Read below to learn more about why Hubrihound is the best choice for your animal's joint health.

Perna Mussel - Overview

A tiny mussel from New Zealand is making waves in the sea of natural remedies for arthritic relief. Perna-canaliculus, in the freeze-dried form, is gaining fame as arthritis victims claim a lessening of joint stiffness and inflammation.

The Perna Mussel (also known as the New Zealand green lipped mussel) is a tiny animal that is part of the basic food chain, concentrating mineral and nutritional elements from the sea. As it feeds, the  mussel filters 15 to 20 gallons of sea water per day, efficiently converting plankton, algae, and kelp into protein, carbohydrates, mineral, vitamins, and trace elements.

In arthritic conditions, the membrane surrounding the joint becomes thin and porous. The synovial fluid then seeps out through the porous membrane, resulting in discomfort and swelling. When the lubricating fluid is thickened, it cannot leach out. Thus, joint cushioning and lubrication are normalized.  In addition to balancing the lubricating fluids of the body, the richness of mucopolysaccharides concentrated in the perna mussel contributes to its effectiveness in healing soft tissue, torn tendons, and bruises.

The most important thing to note about perna mussel is that it is a source of natural minerals and that these minerals are chelated by the mussel itself, thus ensuring that the body will assimilate them.  The mucopolysaccharide, hyaluronic acid is one portion of the Protein- polysaccharide complex present in PERNA. These complexes in the mussel are associated with protective support and lubrication system as well as egg jellies and capsules. Providing hyaluronic acid, PERNA aids the body in maintaining     

How it works on the body

synovia fluid viscosity, important for lubrication of bone joint linings.  In both the human and animal system, relief from pain and stiffness associated with degenerative joint disease is obtained with regular ingestion of PERNA. As a result, mobility increases and the mental and physical outlook of the individual is brightened.

Glucosamine Sulphate: the key to trouble-free joints

Glucosamine sulphate is a synthesised salt of glucosamine and is a major component of soft tissues such as cartilage, ligament, tendon and skin. Studies have shown that as we age we lose the ability to manufacture glucosamine sulphate. As a result the healing rate of soft tissue injury slows down. Because they assist in the regeneration of cartilage and improve joint function, glucosamine sulphate supplements are now widely used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Clinical Data

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