Sierra my sweet Great Pyrenees mix has been using Hubrihound for over a year now and I cannot express how much it has changed both of our lives.  Since a puppy Sierra has struggled with arthritis and joint pain.  Big dogs are prone to joint issues and Sierra has definitely lived up to the big dog reputation.  A girlfriend from New Zealand suggested hubrihound and backed it up with an amazing testimonial from her own dog.  I gave it a shot and within a couple weeks I started noticing a difference.  Sierra went from limping on 3 legs to all 4 legs being fully functional.  Within months Sierra was able to walk long distances without pain or stiffness the following day.  And today, one year later after starting with Hubrihound Sierra is a completely different dog.  She is now a vibrant, active dog that lives a pain free life thanks to Hubrihound.


Jaime Parker - Raleigh, NC

This has added years to her life and I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who has a dog suffering from arthritis or joint issues.  Hubrihound has had such an amazing effect on both our lives and I want to thank the family at Hubris for sharing such a wonderful product.


Cathy Sweetman - Christchurch, NZ

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product Hubrihound.
Morris had such terrible arthritis at 3 years old, he couldn't make it to the street corner and back. He had x-rays, MRI scans and was on heavy dosages of steroids with no major improvement. I was thinking of getting him a pram to get out and about. A friend recommended Hubrihound and after a month I was able to start reducing his drugs until he was on no drugs at all and was acting like a puppy. He can now walk for an hour and races around the house like he is on springs. I have just recently started giving Hubrihound to his brother Austin. Austin has no joint issues but has always been very laid back and a bit slow. After less than two weeks, he is a changed dog. When I walked them yesterday he was racing around the park doing his own thing and when called, was

running back to me for a pat before heading off on a new adventure.

 I was so amazed, he has never had so much energy in his life. I am so thrilled with Hubrihound I recommend it to everyone I know with a  dog, and today I have ordered some Hubrihomme, to see if I can get the same benefit. Thank you so much


Rachel Foster - Auckland, NZ

THANK YOU so very much for sending me my order of Hubrihound and Hubriflex – My 8yr old Chocolate Labrador “Reuben” (entire male), has been using Hubrihound for some time now – We were introduced to this product (by chance) about 4 yrs ago.  We have tried other products and truly believe that Hubrihound is the BEST – It is more gentle on his stomach, as other products can cause the “grumbly tummy.” We live on a small Lifestyle block, and he is quite active, and when using Hubrihound, his recovery after an active day always seems better.  (F.Y.I his current weight is 36.1kg).  I could go on how great I believe your product to be – but instead, I just tell my friends.  We are often asked what we give Reuben, and there is no secret… just good food, exercise and Hubrihound (and plenty of love!, of course).  Now, it’s the horse’s turn…. No doubt he will benefit too! Thank you for making a positive difference for our “Reuben’s” wellbeing with HUBRIHOUND!


Colleen Johnson - Nelson, NZ

I just thought I'd give you this feedback and thank you  for producing such an effective product.  Molly, our 30kg German Shepherd who is around 10 years old (we adopted her as an adult about 4 years ago) has arthritis in all four legs - severe arthritis in her right front elbow.  She is in constant pain,  and it only worsens in the winter.  She visibly slipped after I stopped giving her Hubrihound (in order to try a new product) and although she'll never be pain free, her limp deepened into a very pronounced limp and she was clearly not happy. After being back on Hurbihound for less than a week Molly is moving much more easily now and her limp is only visible when you watch her closely for a number of steps.  Thanks again


Andrea Reed - Christchurch, NZ

Just wanted to give an update on Zulu a month after starting hubrihound. We have gone from a dog whom we had to virtually lift out of his bed each morning in a considerable amount of pain to now a bright eyed bouncy fellow to greet us full of life with no sign of pain ready to start the day. For his old age, he now enjoys walks and swimming each day, which he certainly could not enjoy just one month ago. I am very grateful for your product and I wish you all the best. I would fully endorse Hubrihound to anyone.
Thank you again


Does your pet suffer from Arthritis? Try Hubrihound and let us know what you think.


Aaron Willis - Charlotte, NC

The experience for Love has been "breathtaking"! So much so that I have cut her back to 2.5 grams on the days we can not walk more than 5 miles. Love is 8 1/2 years old and acts as if she is half her age. When walking in NoDa (our neighborhood) she can not pass by the ceramic tiled benches with out jumping up, sitting down, and giving me "Five". She has no problem jumping down. Love eats "Hubrihound" with no reservation, she feels like it is a treat! My experience with "Hubrihound" has been nothing short of a miracle. Thanks again for your product! -Aaron

I am SO happy you brought this wonderful product to the USA. My  5 year old golden retriever Jack has elbow, hip dysplasia and arthritis  and since starting him on the Hubrihound I can tell a BIG difference in him.  He seems to hurt less after activity and has more enthusiasm for walking and playing and definitely limps less after activity. I have been spreading the word to my family and friends about this great product.


Carol McNamara- Vancouver, WA


Elizabeth Trego - Vacaville, CA

Yoshi is about 12 years old - a geriatric Akita with the joint problems that come with advancing years. He had gotten to the point where he would not even attempt stairs until we tried Hubrihound. The change in him within a few days was remarkable. He's been taking it for over a year now and I know it has enabled him to enjoy life again. He loves his walk every day and has no problem jumping up when the fridge door is opened! He goes up and down stairs without any issues. Hubrihound has been a miracle for Yoshi's mobility. I would not be without it! Thanks for making such a great product available in the US.

Thank you!

I can not tell you how thankful I am that I found Hubrihound!! It has made a remarkable difference in Sammi!! Yesterday she was outside with us running and playing like a puppy----something she has not done for such a long time! The best part was you could tell she was even enjoying it! She is off tramadol completely and down to 1 pill a day of her anti inflammatory and should be off them completely soon. 


My husband and I are so overwhelmed ---- first thinking we were going to have to put her down soon, to seeing this transformation to puppyhood again!


My cat has even started begging for Hubrihound when I gave it to Sammi, so I give him a tiny bit with his yougurt also. He has more energy and his coat has improved and is so shiny. I gave my son (from Indianapolis) some to try for his cat  also.


I truly believe in this product and will do my best to spread the word about Hubrihound!


Kathleen Fowler, Celina OH

Product of Hubris North America

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